May 17, 2022
Summer Vacation In Japan

Summer Vacation In Japan

Summer in Japan is a time for fun and enjoyment. Beautiful landscapes, beautiful people, fresh fruits, delicious seafood, relaxing atmosphere – it’s the perfect vacation for everybody.

Bring a sunblock! Japan gets 4 hours of sunlight every day, so you better be prepared! Also, dress comfortably during summer. A long kimono will be more than enough, especially if you pair it with cute short-sleeved kimonos.

Get air-con! Yes, there are seasons in Japan where the temperature drops at night, but don’t forget about summer! You’d better pack a room with air-con, a fan, and maybe a fan if you think it’s really necessary. If not, bring along a sweater and a jacket – the Japanese are known for their comfort, so you should follow their example.

Relax! Don’t think that you have to stay indoors during summer. Actually, there are two great beaches in Japan that you can visit: Ogasawara Islands and Oshima Islands. Both are relatively small and offer a nice view of the city.

Visit them both, take pictures, and post them on online social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. In fact, most beaches welcome tourists and offer free admission, so you can come relax and enjoy! Just make sure you’re not posting photos of embarrassing scenes.

Have a blast! The summer in Japan is known for outdoor sports and festivals, and you can’t go wrong with a fun, adventurous trip to the beach. Or, spend the day baking in the sauna.

These are just a few beauty tips to survive the summer in Japan. I’m sure they help you get through the heat, but remember: have fun! No one cares how pretty you are if you’re miserable!

Be sure to pack lightly. Pack only necessary items. Pack wisely – don’t bring too many bags – you won’t need them! Carry only what’s absolutely necessary.

There are a variety of accommodation options available at most hotels. Most of the larger hotels have private beaches. Some of them also have restaurants and bars. You can easily reserve a room. If you’re staying at a hotel that has its own private beach, make sure you check out the swimming pool first thing before you register. Chances are, it’s open all the time!

A great way to spend your days off is to visit local amusement parks. There are numerous parks located all over Japan. Some of them operate only during the day, others at night. Most of them charge a nominal entrance fee and allow you access to the beach. If you’re staying at a hotel with an indoor beach, you may be able to enjoy some indoor attractions during your free time.

Another good option is to take a cultural tour. Many tour organizers offer free cultural sessions – go check one out! It’s not cheap – but it’s well worth it! One good option is to go on a shikomi workshop. This is a unique experience that will surely let you in on some interesting facts about Japanese fashion and customs.

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