April 1, 2021
Best Japanese Mascaras

10 Best Japanese Mascaras in 2021

The Best Japanese Mascara is what you should be using if you are a woman who has long eyelashes because this will help to make them appear longer and thicker. Some people just like to use their eyes as a style, and they do not care about their appearance at all. If you want to become this type of person, then you should stop wearing mascara every day and start using a special kind of mascara that does not cause you any problems. You should always apply the best Japanese Mascara to get the best results.

When you are getting ready to take a good look at yourself in the mirror, you can also use the stop and start method that will help you get your lashes to look even better. The first thing that you need to do is to get hold of some specially designed eyelash curlers. By doing this, you will be able to add extra length to your eyelashes that are naturally thin. By using these curlers, you will also be able to remove a lot of excess hair that is hanging down and make your eyelashes appear very full. Now you will need to get hold of the best Japanese Mascara in order to improve the look of your eyes.

By applying the best Japanese Mascara on a regular basis, you will be able to get the best effect out of your eyelashes, which is why it is important that you always apply the best kind of mascara you can find. There are a lot of different kinds of mascara that are available, but the best ones are those that contain no ammonia and synthetic chemicals. You should try to use products that are a bit more advanced than those that are on the market at the moment. You should never use cheap products that are being sold in a local store to help you make your eyelashes look better.

Givenchy Phenomeneyes Waterproof Mascara

Givenchy Phenomeneyes Waterproof Mascara is one of the best Japanese mascaras that I have used till now. It is a very thin mascara that gives a natural look to your eyelashes. Also, it comes in pigmented black color which makes your eyes look bold and attractive. This works amazingly when you are looking for waterproof makeup. It lasts for 10-12 hours. We will recommend this mascara if you are looking for natural-looking, moist, and long-lasting mascara.

Givenchy Phenomeneyes Waterproof Mascara reviews and user guide

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  1. It is a waterproof mascara
  2. Very long-lasting
  3. Gives thin and natural look
  4. Highly pigmented
  5. Increases your eyelashes
  6. Makes your eyes look absolutely gorgeous


The Mote Japanese Hollywood mascara is a new vibrating eye product in the Mote Studios collection. It features a brown color base and the Shaggy Mane Japanese movie star logo. Available in Japanese only, this mascara is made by the Mote eye makeup products company, who are currently one of the most well known in the western world for making a line of eye products for both men and women.


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  1. Comes with eyelash essence
  2. The H-type brush makes your eyelashes more curly and beautiful
  3. Easy to apply
  4. You can easily remove this mascara with the help of lukewarm water
  5. It is a fragrance-free and alcohol-free

Laneige Jet Curling Mascara_EX

You can buy this product on Amazon for a much lower price, so if you want to save money you can do so here – The Laneige Jet Curling Mascara_EX Review. This review will focus on the EX version which is a very popular product and recommended by many women and it is also very affordable when compared to other popular brands of mascaras like Lancome’s Reglan and CoverGirl’s Bad Gal. This power curling effect mascara is very long-lasting and smudge-proof. 

Laneige Jet Curling Mascara_EX reviews and user guide

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  1. It has waterproof curling effect
  2. Lasts all day long
  3. It comes with a gelly rubber brush that can move in any direction.
  4. Easy to handle mascara brush
  5. Mascara brush can coat all short to long eyelashes very effortlessly.

Shiseido Imperiallash Mascaraink

The Shiseido Imperiallash Mascaraink is a new line of mascaras. I have used the Shiseido mascara for quite some time now, and it was really interesting to try this new one. They are a company that makes some really nice products for your skin, eyes but they seem to want to branch out on the cosmetics front, and recently added the line to their existing skincare line. The Shiseido Imperiallash Mascaraink for Unisex product line has some nice ingredients, but I think that it may be too new to really make an impact. 

Shiseido Imperiallash Mascaraink reviews and user guide

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  1. The unique brush highlights a firm center enclosed by soft silicone bristles
  2. Smudge-proof
  3. An easy to use mascara
  4. Favorite  choice of makeup artists and beauticians

Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara

The power-packed Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara, Black, 0.18 Ounce (Pack of 1) is the ultimate in eye makeup products. Kevyn aucoin mascara is the best Japanese mascara for volume. It separates each and every lash with the curling brush it has. When you want to wear mascara for a day-long, you can always go for this long-lasting Japanese mascara.

Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara reviews and user guide

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  1. Intense black colored mascara
  2. Gives perfect volume to your eyelashes
  3. High-quality natural ingredients are used
  4. It is highly smudged proof mascara

DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection

DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection, Black is the natural way to go. DHC Mascara is ideal for all women and especially for those who are trying to get rid of their eyelash hair loss. It provides exceptional coverage that includes the “thin-line” effect and offers an amazing all-over coverage for any kind of skin.

DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection reviews and user guide

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  1. It does not smear at all
  2. Can last the whole day long
  3. It is easy to use
  4. You can easily flake off it with lukewarm water.
  5. Best affordable Japanese mascara

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara 

Kiss Me Heroine is so popular that it has been licensed to films and television shows such as the popular television show 24. In recent years it has been manufactured by major companies such as Kiehl’s, Revlon, Cover Girl, and Bobbi Brown, among others. Its formulation is made up of several key ingredients, including the highly popular mineral-based ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The formula is similar to other well-known mascaras like Lancome’s Kiss Me, but it has the intense pigment and texture that are typical with this type of mascara. Instead, Kiss Me Heroine provides users with a lengthier and fuller eyelash look.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara  reviews and user guide

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  1. Gives you long and curl eyelashes
  2. Intense black colored natural looking mascara
  3. Its waterproof mascara
  4. does not smear or flake
  5. Moisturises your lashes with camomile extract

Kate rassyumakisimaiza- Mascara

Kate Rassyumakisimaiza is a choice of many Japanese female celebrities, stars and TV personalities. It gives you long, curly and voluminous eyelashes. makes you eyes look more bold and attractive. It is natural black in color.

Kate rassyumakisimaiza- Mascara reviews and user guide

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  1. Give volume to your lashes
  2. many celebrities and makeup artists prefer this mascara.
  3. value for the product mascara

DDK 4D Mascara Cream Makeup Lash Cold Waterproof Mascara 

DDK 4D Mascara Cream is a thick, creamy formula designed to get rid of the harshness of normal mascara by creating a magnificent bed of black lashes. The Dream Lady Mascara Eye Black Eyelash Enhancer is developed by using the same revolutionary ingredients found in the original Mascara Cream. It is one of the best waterproof Japanese mascara.

DDK 4D Mascara Cream Makeup Lash Cold Waterproof Mascara  reviews and user guide

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  1. Best Waterproof Japanese mascara
  2. Thick and voluminous mascara
  3. Lightweight and easy to use
  4. With the lukewarm water, you can easily remove it.
  5. lasts for 8-10 hours

HEROINE MAKEVolume and Curl Mascara

It gives up to 10 hours of curl with a vibrant lengthening result. Its lightweight texture will not pull lashes down to provide large and curled eyelashes with full volume. A waterresistent, long-lasting mascara that won’t burn delicate eyes.

HEROINE MAKEVolume and Curl Mascara reviews and user guide

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  1. Great Japanese mascara for sensitive eyes
  2. Best value Japanese mascara
  3. Gives highly curl effect to your eyes.

Also there are very affordable yet natural japanese eyeliners in the market. You can check their reviews here.

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