March 27, 2021
Best Japanese Lip Balms

13 Best Japanese Lip Balms in 2021

If eyes are the windows to your soul, your lips are the shape to its voice. They’re worth taking good care of, especially because they’re tender and prone to aging, just like the rest of your skin. You’ve plenty of choices–choices between brands, as well as between medicated, tinted, or organic balms. In the winter season it seems we are busy applying lip balm to get lips smooth and soft instantly. Our lips need rich nourishment and protection especially for sensitive skin and lip damaged by cold temperatures and UV rays. Lip balm can come as a chapstick, or in a tube or jar. Chapsticks are easy to apply and carry around. They’re solid, though, and can tug on your lips. You want to stay away from chapsticks that are too hard as they rub against the skin, and the friction can end up doing more harm than good. Then some balms come in a tube or jar. Most of these are slightly more liquid in form; they melt when exposed to body heat, spreading onto and absorbing into the skin easily. These are best for when your lips are feeling a bit tender or irritated. The only thing is, most of the time, you have to apply with either your finger or a cotton swab, so they can get messy. Lip care products are important to provide lasting moisture after use. With so many different options in the market, sometimes you have no idea which brands are working for yourself. This article is to reveal which the best Japanese lip balm and Therefore, you can pick the best for yourself. In this you can find out the best affordable lip balms in Japan too. You must apply balm at the first signs of drying, but it’s just as important that you don’t overapply. The skin on your lips is incredibly thin, and it stresses your lips every time you put a spoon, fork, cup, or water bottle to them. The less time you give your lips to rest, the faster they dull in color. However, your lips also heal quickly. As long as you keep them hydrated with a gentle balm, you should be able to prevent a lot of dulling and wrinkling.

Curel JAPAN Kao Curel Lip Balm 

Applies and Shines like a Gloss, but Doesn’t Stick like One

This chapstick was quite thin, and it was easy to trace lips with it. There wasn’t much shine to the finish, and it felt extremely light. It set right after application and kept skin moisturized for hours; you won’t have to worry about reapplying with this one. It’s a year-round chapstick–light enough for summer and hydrating enough for winter. It also spread easily and a little went a long way. Again, you could use it as a base for lipstick. It’s also plain enough to be gender-neutral–there’s hardly anyone we wouldn’t recommend Curél’s chapstick to.

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DHC Medicated Lip Balm

DHC also is known as Daigaku Honyaku Center which is a Japanese manufacturer dealing in skincare and makeup products in Tokyo. It was established in 1972. This is must buy a Japanese brand for tourists to visit in Japan. The lip has no fragrance and paraben-free as well as the lip cream contains olive virgin oil, aloe extract, licorice extract, and vitamin E to provide long-lasting moisture for dry and cracked lips. It also helps to reduce vertical lines. The testing panel used a special tool to test the moisture level and found that moisture level reduces gradually after 4 hours. 

Shiseido Colorgel Lip Balm 

Shiseido MoiLip is a lip treatment for cracked or dry lips. The moisturizing ingredient such as vitamin E and vitamin B6 help to locks in hydration and improve dryness and roughness lips. Besides, it also contains Allantoin and Gurirurechin acid repair wounds and reduces inflammation as well as relief from peeling and cracking lips. Tube packaging is easy to dispense cream onto fingers but difficult to blend it. After 4 hours, the moisture level is 143.5%, however, the level will drop to 129.3% in the following hours. 

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Taiyoyushi PAX NATURAL

The packaging was a pain. The cap was too small, so when we had lotion or sweat on our hands, they kept slipping and we couldn’t get the chapstick open. When we extended the product too far out, we couldn’t get it to retract. We might have been able to live with all of these pitfalls if only the formula had been good. However, hydration was just decent, and there was some stickiness after application. It is one of the best affordable Japanese balms. 

ROHTO MENTHOLATUM Melty Balm Lip Unscented

Even Goldilocks Would Approve of the Texture–Not too Hard nor Too Soft

We only wish this lip balm was more hydrating. It did add a nice dewiness to our lips, so at least they looked moisturized–better than nothing, right? This line is also available in milk vanilla and rich honey, so if you wanted to add a little bit of aroma to your day (we tested the unscented version), feel free to give those a try as well.

Zenyaku Arouge total moist veil lip Balm 

Acts Like a Gelatinous Block of Oil and Doesn’t Spread

It didn’t spread, so rather than smearing this on our lips as we would with most balms, we had to tap it in. Rather than melting into our skin, Arouge’s lip essence felt more like a veil of oil that locked in moisture–the product was aptly named at least. It lasted for quite a long time, but it might be annoying to touch up after meals or tea.

Ettusais Lip Balm

This was a soft, buttery-smooth balm. Though it won’t do much as a hydrating base, you could use it in place of a gloss. The tube is quite large, though, so it may be tough to carry around.

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Country & Stream Lip Balm HM 

Smells like Honey, but Sure Doesn’t Feel Like It

This smelled of natural honey, which we found uplifting. It was decently hydrating; our skin hadn’t completely dried out after eight hours, though we’d recommend a few reapplications. And it melted into our lips, leaving no stickiness behind.

DHC Extra Moisture lip balm

This melted with body heat, turning into the oil as soon as it touched our skin. It spread easily and was gentle to our lips, which is rare in a chapstick. But because it was so soft, expect this lip balm to run out fast.

Kate CC lip balm N 

A Balm that Does It All–Use it as a Lipstick, Base, or Hydrator

This was a pinkish red. The color was vivid and long-lasting, so this chapstick could stand in for lipstick. It also wasn’t too tacky, so you could use it as a base as well. There are currently four colors out, and it’s worth owning all of them so you can mix and match.

Naiad Beeswax Lip Balm 

Hydration that Comes with a Relaxing Botanical Scent

This spread like jam but wasn’t sticky. The packaging was cute, but it was difficult to get a product out of it. When we wanted more balm, we ended up having to dig it out with our fingernails. It smelled like something that would come out of an aroma diffuser.

Nivea Japan Nivea Deep Moisture Lip Olive & Lemon 

The Scent of Olive and Lemons is Soothing. Not Sure if We’d Call the Moisture “Deep,” HoweverThis chapstick was just a bit too rough; it also didn’t impart any sort of glow. It didn’t feel like the moisturizing ingredients were traveling deep into our skin either; better use this balm to simply smooth out and refine the surface of your lips. In addition to olive & lemon, you can also find this chapstick in vanilla & macadamia, honey, and unscented varieties.

Nivea Moisture Lip Balm

Nivea Lip care products provide intensive moisture for the people who have dry and damaged lips problem. Three moisturizing skin formulas including Amino acid ginseng extract and hyaluronic acid help to provide long-lasting hydration to protect lips from dryness. Besides, it also protects the lips from UV rays. It is one of the best affordable Japanese balms. Compare with Nivea Deep Moisture Lip, water retention capacity for Nivea Moisture Lip Water Type is only 123.7% after 8 hours. It can reduce vertical lines and the lip more tighten after application. 

This is the overview of some best lip balms in japan and used in day to day life for getting smooth and soft lips instantly. you can also check out reviews on top and nourishing lip scrubs in japan.

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